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Logistical Efficiencies


 Mobile Warehouse and Mechanical Shop

Upon arrival to a project site, ITL’s  trailer mounted warehouse and mechanical shop is turn-key with an organized storage warehouse containing minimum one month’s supply of all parts and inventory. The fully stocked and equipped warehouse and mechanical bay encompasses all resources needed to successfully execute each drilling program. This minimizes the need for costly and hazardous hot shot runs to often distant towns for parts and supplies.

Easy Conversion between Different Drilling Applications

Due to the versatility of Drillco’s modular design, ITL is able to convert a single rig between heli-portable, surface skid or underground applications using interchangeable components.  Those interchangeable components are cross-compatible between all rigs in ITL's fleet, allowing for easy conversion between two different drilling applications (ie. heli to underground) from any single rig unit in ITL's fleet.


Standardized Equipment

ITL Drilling has worked to standardize all equipment in our fleet to streamline parts inventory, maintenance and allow for seamless interchangeability if necessary. 


360˚ Turntable for Multi-Directional Boreholes

ITL's rigs sit on a hydraulic 360˚ turntable base, which allows a fan of drillholes to be drilled on any dip (+15 to -90) and azimuth from a single pad setup, without requiring helicopter assistance to re-position the drill. 

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