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Drillco Technologies

ITL Drilling utilizes a fleet of Canadian designed, engineered and manufactured Drillco rigs

360˚ Turntable


ITL's surface rigs boast a 360˚ turntable base and dual pivot points on the tower. This allows for drilling on 360 degrees of azimuth from a single specially designed drill pad. The dual cylinder connections to the tower can pivot the drill head forward, allowing for drill dips from +15 (cliff applications) to -90. This provides maximum versatility in positioning multi-directional boreholes from a single drill pad setup. 

Environmental Benefits


Drillco rigs have a reduced carbon footprint as they use 75% less hoses and fittings, eliminating 75% of the hoses that will eventually end up in a landfill. On average, they use 300 L less hydraulic oil, and have an automatic lock out system that shuts down the drill if hydraulic fluid is being lost from the system, greatly reducing the risk of a spill. The drill consumes an average of 25% - 40% less fuel than our closest competitors, and with a hydraulic 360 turntable, is able to complete multi-directional boreholes from a single set-up without requiring heli-assisted re positioning of the drill.

Simplified Hydraulic System


Drillco's proprietary hydraulic system contains 75% less hoses and connections than industry standard systems. This reduction means less maintenance time spent replacing hoses, easier troubleshooting, and provides an added environmental benefit of requiring 70% less hydraulic fluid (90L reservoir vs industry standard 400L reservoir) and 75% fewer hoses and connections.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Drillco's proprietary system boasts a significant increase in hydraulic efficiencies. This reduces the power needed from the engine to run the system, thereby reducing fuel consumption. Additionally, the 220 HP motor is the highest power to weight ratio for its class of engine on the market. This provides a lightweight, heli-portable power pack assembly that can operate at lower RPM’s, whichs reduces fuel consumption while maintaining drill depth capabilities of  >2500m NQ.

Reduced Water Consumption


Drillco rigs contain an air cooled hydraulic system as opposed to a conventional water cooled system. Underground drill programs significantly benefit from this feature as water is required strictly for drilling applications, and mixing muds. This can reduce total water consumption in underground applications up to 20,000L in a single 12 hr shift. When utilizing a centrifuge or water recycling system, water consumption can also be greatly reduced as it is only required for downhole drilling applications, mixing muds and mud maintenance. Conventional water cooled hydraulic applications require clean, sediment free water to prevent mechanical failure. Drillco rigs eliminate this using an air cooled system. On surface, this is specifically beneficial if waterline freezes. If there is a recirculating holding bladder, ITL’s rig can continue to drill while other crew members tend to the frozen water line as we only require water for downhole applications.

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