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Innovative Technologies

& Logistics

25%-30% less fuel consumption
Drilling depths >2500m NQ
Industry leading power to weight ratio
360 of azimuth, +15 to -90 dip
"Assurance of Success"



Our Team


Drillco Technologies


Logistical Efficiencies


Our Vision

Our Services

ITL Diamond Drilling operates DrillCo manufactured modular diamond drills which use integrated and interchangeable components to allow for three different drill applications from one cohesive system. By swapping interchangeable components, ITL can reconfigure our drills to operate for heli-portable, skid-surface or underground drilling applications.  

"ITL's professional team of drillers, helpers and foremen, along with their state of the art drills were instrumental in completing our most successful drill campaign to date in some of the most challenging terrain possible. They are a dedicated and skilled team devoted to continually upping the bar in the drilling industry."


- Jeremy Hanson, VP Exploration, Garibaldi Resources Corp. 

Injury & Incident Mitigation

A safe work environment is an organism that should grow and adapt and evolve. We construct safe work methods because we care about every single person that is part of our team, and their families. Safety mitigation measures should be woven into the fabric of your normal movement and everyday tasks so you can't forget or get complacent. We have integrated safety mitigation measures into every mechanism and standardized job our crews complete on a daily basis to ensure this. We want our crews to naturally and ergonomically perform tasks to the best of their abilities without fear of injury or incident. How do we achieve this? With innovations that rely on normalized recognition patterns to make a person's natural reaction the SAFE reaction. 

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